OEM&ODM Service

OEM&ODM Service

BMV Medical OEM is dedicated to working with medical device manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, and suppliers around the world to develop and manufacture innovative, value added, quality product solutions for the care of patients; our mutual customers.

We provide device technology and products from the BMV family of brands representing many years experience and reliability.BMV Medical OEM not only offers standard components and devices from our vast product portfolio, but also modifications to standard products, specialty assemblies, and custom fabrication to meet your individual product specifications.

Areas of application expertise include:

  1. Ultrasound Systems
  2. Interventional Imaging
  3. Patient Monitoring
  4. Pressure Monitoring
  5. Anesthesia Airway
  6. Electrocardiography

Visit the BMV Medical OEM website for a portfolio of searchable standard OEM components and devices based on the innovative technology from the BMV Medical family of brands, as well as information regarding OEM manufacturing capabilities that provide for existing product modifications, specialty assemblies, and custom fabrication.

BMV Medical OEM

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Manufacturer of specialty medical devices across medical and veterinary fields since 2008.



4/F, Yinjin Building, Block 71, Baoan Centre District, Shenzhen, China




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