Postoperative Observatory

Immediate postoperative care

Postoperative patients are at risk of clinical deterioration, and it is vital that this is minimised,so they must be monitored and assessed closely for any deterioration in condition and the relevant postoperative care plan or pathway must be implemented.

BMV provide a national standard for assessing, monitoring and tracking acutely and critically ill patients,these systems such as VueSign™ has six physiological parameters: » Respiratory rate; » Oxygen saturation; » Temperature; » Systolic blood pressure; » Pulse rate; » Level of consciousness. The system also includes a weighting score of two, which is added if the patient is receiving supplemental oxygen via a mask or nasal cannulas.

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VS15 Plug-in Modular Patient Monitor

VueSigns® N15

Plug-in Modular Patient Monitor


Comprehensive physical signs monitoring
bmo210 monitor


Spot Check Monitor
MX5 ultrasound


Handheld Pulse Oximeter

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