Portable Intelligent Monitoring

Main Features

  • Available with 1.5" and 2.4" screens
  • Small and delicate, easy to carry
  • High parametric measurement accuracy and reliable results
  • Reusable and low-cost accessories
  • Mobile APP and device wireless communication
  • Remote monitoring, measurement data can be uploaded to cloud services
  • Big data analytics, allowing real-time analysis and comparison of measured data
  • Wave charts, long-term storage and trend analysis for professional reference by physicians

ECG and respiration

  • Measurement 1 or 3 channels optional
  • Sample rate up to 500Hz*12 bits
  • Multiple detection modes: touch, 3-lead, 5-lead
  • 14 Arrhythmia Analysis
  • Respiratory pause forced alarms and alerts
  • Long-term monitoring, alternative to electro cardiac Holter

Blood oxygen and pulse rate

  • High accuracy of blood oxygen measurement
  • Anti-interference and anti-motion
  • Good low and weak perfusion performance
  • Simultaneous monitoring of blood oxygen, pulse rate and pulse wave
  • In combination with respiratory monitoring, respiratory tentativeness can be
  • Make valid judgments

Blood pressure monitoring

  • Dual circuit design, high precision
  • Double valve bleed and overpressure protection, safe and reliable
  • Special temperature drift treatment circuit with good consistency
  • Multiple measurement methods for long-term automatic measurement
  • APP software can set the alarm range
  • Alternative dynamic blood pressure HOLTER
  • APP for long-term storage of measurement data and trend analysis

Body temperature monitoring

  • High measurement accuracy of 0.1℃
  • Alarm alerts can be pushed to multiple phones
  • Continuous and accurate measurement

APP Features

  • One pet, one account, safe and secure.
  • Long-term home monitoring and data retention for accurate diagnosis
  • Multiple data trend analysis can reflect the health of pets
  • Message push function, pet owners and doctors monitor each other, remind
  • Remote consulting physician
  • Adjust the measuring range to the pet's own situation.
  • Alarm data can be reviewed for easy viewing and analysis

Portable Intelligent Monitoring


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