PT50C Compact Touch Color Doppler Ultrasound

The First Three Probe Ports Imaging Platform with Touch Technology

PT50C employs the advanced technologies and ergonomic concept developed for next generation imaging systems, in all applications. Simple touch to save time, this simple operation helps enhance exam productivity and increase patient throughput, also minimize most of users learning curve

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PT50C is the most lightweight hand-carried portable ultrasound with three probe ports in the world, deliver superb image quality in many clinics, hospitals or practice settings across multiple examinations.


Pad Touch (PT) series and MX5 series

Hits 2500 Milestone with More on the Way!

The global shipments of PT&MX series exceeded 2500 units and adoption of the device continues to grow. (2018-6-30)

Since it was commercially introduced in 2017, PT&MX series has become increasingly popular among healthcare professionals throughout the world.

The smart ultrasound device has been widely distributed across over 20 countries, including those located in developed and emerging markets. Clinical settings for PT&MX series vary from hospitals in large cities to clinics in rural areas. The broad range of users includes specialists, as well as primary care physicians and clinical staff operating under their guidance.

The team at BMV couldn’t be more excited see the PT&MX community expand as this new category of the device continues to help improve access to health care and quality of care throughout the world!

Advantages At A Glance

  • High resolution, wide-angle 15” color LCD
  • Adjustable LCD view angle
  • Three transducer port is designed to meet the different clinical applications
  • Advanced imaging technology and superior image quality can provide fast and precise scans.
  • Replaceable long life battery
  • iBscan™ Quick Image Optimization
  • Annotation library for quick comment
  • iBstation™ Patient information management system
  • USB image transfer and software upgrade
  • Image clipboard for thumbnail view
  • The supported DICOM 3.0 can communicate with PACS system of the hospital seamlessly
  • Convenient Handle, Micro Probe Connector
  • Special-designed probe holder, no need for extra assistance
  • Includes an extended multi-year warranty when purchased new
  • Modular software, easy for upgrade, free lifetime upgrade to new versions

Wireless and DICOM Connectivity

The system is designed for limitless wireless connectivity and can be easily implemented in any Windows® or DICOM environment. Access to wireless connectivity, easy networking, printing, and communication with external PCs are just one click away.

Abundant Accessories

  1. Trolley
    Completely adjustable, with large wheels, for smooth and safe transportation.
  2. Travel case
    A dedicated customized travel case either for roll along or as a rucksack.
  3. Three transducer connectors
    With three transducer ports, we have dramatically reduced the risk of connector damage.
  4. Needle-guided brackets

Application of Ultrasonography in women's health

The system enables midwives with limited ultrasound training to quickly learn to operate and to effectively diagnose high-risk gestations, breech presentation, and placenta previa. The indigenous midwives can use it to diagnose potential complications and subsequently refer women with high-risk conditions to appropriate medical facilities for delivery.

Application of Ultrasonography in Emergency Rooms




PT50C demo



Ultrasound platform Based on linux, stable performance, security data
Imaging modes B,B&M,2B,4B,B+Color,B+Power,PW
Gray scale levels 256
Transducer type Convex Array, Linear Array, Endocavity Array
Transducer frequency 2-12Mhz
Transducer element 128
Transducer connector 3 active transducer connectors
Scanning depth Up to 300mm

Software: English, Chinese, Spanish,Russian,Italian, Czech , and more(ODM support!)
Keyboard Input: English, Chinese, and more(ODM support!)
User Manual: English, Chinese

Dimension 402x385x53mm
Weight 4.8kgs
Monitor 15 inch with 45 degrees adjustable

Fully resistive touchscreen

capacitive touchscreen(reserved)

Input and output
  • Ethernet:                                             1
  • WIFI:                                                   1
  • USB 3.0:                                             1
  • MIC:                                                    1
  • DC in:                                                  1
  • DICOM3.0:(optional)                         1
Standard Configurations
  • PT50C Systems
  • 15" high definition LCD monitor
  • Touchscreen
  • C5‐2Ds convex array transducer
  • WIFI module
  • Two USB ports
  • One s‐video out port
  • One HDMI port
  • One power inlet
  • Three transducer connectors
  • Two special‐designed probe holder
  • Plenty of measurement&calculation software packages
  • lithium Battery Supporting normal diagnosis
  • User defined exam settings
  • Convex array transducer
  • Linear array transducer
  • Endocavity transducer
  • High frequency linear probe
  • Ultra‐high frequency Linear probe
  • Micro convex probe
  • Needle‐guided brackets
  • AC Adapter
  • Mobile trolley
  • Wheeled transport case
  • DICOM 3.0


BMV Medical Technical Services & Support offers convenient options to maximize uptime of critical equipment while controlling costs. You deserve the peace of mind that comes with high quality service and support. Service personnel at BMV Medical focus on the needs of the healthcare institutions, so that care providers can focus on the needs of the patients.

Depend on our dedicated product specialists to deliver practical, comprehensive knowledge.

2-year warranty for peace of mind and low total cost of ownership.

Designed in the Taiwan and manufactured in China to meet the high standards of quality control, technical support and customer service that you've come to expect.

The single-board architecture and field replaceable modules make service fast and easy.BMV’s Customer Success Network gives you a Single Point of Entry for custom access to the right people for any situation.


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