Sleep Medicine

In sleep diagnostics continuously monitoring the patient’s PCO2 levels without disturbing the patient’s sleep is important to assess nocturnal hypoventilation and to titrate noninvasive ventilation.

Arterial blood sampling is intermittent and invasive, hence, it can’t be done without disturbing the patient’s sleep.

Sidestream endtidal PCO2 (etCO2) monitoring is continuous and relatively easy to use. However, in addition to physiological factors such as “healthy lungs” and good lung perfusion/ventilation the quality of etCO2 strongly depends on the gas sampling quality and on a regular/full breathing cycle. In spontaneously breathing or mask ventilated patients, making up the majority of patients in sleep diagnostic settings, the quality of etCO2 therefore is poor.

Being continuous, noninvasive, and independent from the quality of the airway transcutaneous pCO2 (tcpCO2) monitoring is the way of accurate PaCO2 estimation overcoming the drawbacks of etCO2 and the invasiveness of ABG’s.

For sleep applications the BMV Digital Monitoring System offers the following key features:

  • Reliable Measurement Performance
  • Safe Sensor Temperature Management
    No burns due to sophisticated temperature management being optimized far above conventional standards of transcutaneous monitoring
  • Convenient Operation
  • Comprehensive Data Management

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