Livestock Ultrasound Machines(Pig-Sheep-Goat- Alpaca Ultrasound Machine)

Scanning Livestock to Test for Pregnancy

Using ultrasound scanning technology to test for pregnancy in livestock not only tells you whether or not animals are pregnant, but also whether pregnant animals are carrying multiple foetuses (and if so, how many). Armed with this information you can make informed decisions such as:

  • How best to allocate your valuable feed resources.
  • Which animals require special care and treatment (e.g. because they are carrying multiple foetuses).
  • Whether any animals should be culled (e.g. in a drought year you may decide to sell animals carrying multiple foetuses if feed is severely depleted and not likely to improve in the near future).
  • Which animals will fetch the best prices (e.g. if you can prove an animal is pregnant you can get a higher price for it at the yards).

The ability to make informed decisions like this will give you:

  • Improved survival rates for multiple births.
  • Improved survival rates for dams.
  • Improved milk production and weaning weights.
  • Improved returns from the sale of surplus livestock.
  • In other words - more money in your pocket!

Livestock ultrasound machines(pig-sheep-goat- alpaca ultrasound machine)

  • Bestscan® S3
  • FarmScan® M30
  • FarmScan® M50
  • FarmScan® L60 Convex
  • Bestscan S6® Convex

Eye muscle area (EMA) and fat depth scanning has been proven to be a reliable indicator of how much meat will be yielded in a sheep's carcass, which of course affects the price paid by the works. The advantages of using ultrasound scanning technology for muscle testing of sheep include:

  • You don't need to kill the sheep to gain this information.
  • Such information can be recorded on a ram's SIL record, thus making the ram more valuable to prospective purchasers.
  • Lambs with good EMA and growth rate can usually be sold earlier to the works and fetch higher prices.
  • You can improve the overall quality of your flock by culling sheep with poorer EMA results.
  • In other words - more money in your pocket!

Scanning Sheep/Pig to Determine Eye Muscle Area and Fat Depth

  • BestScan® S6
  • FarmScan® L70


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