Bovine Ultrasound Machines

Having a vested interest, BMV aim to benefit the future of Dairy Farming by employing cost effective, comprehensive and up to date ultra sound pregnancy testing practices in all over the world. Our state of the art methods provide unbeatable on farm ultrasound scanning results that are crucial in meeting the demands of our progressive and diversifying industry. We are dedicated to the future of the dairy industry. Help us ensure the health of your cows and goats today to keep dairy farming at the forefront of economy.

  • Affordable
  • High-Quality image
  • Durable
  • Long battery life

A bovine ultrasound machine allows farmers and veterinarians to clearly view the reproductive tract of a cow (or bovine animal, including oxen and buffalo) with real-time.
Although transrectal palpation is still the most common method to determine whether a cow is pregnant, being able to see (in real-time) the reproductive tract via ultrasonography offers insights and diagnostic capabilities for better, more efficient pregnancy care, including:

  • Determining a cow’s pregnancy status
  • Evaluating her ovaries
  • Completing several other bovine pregnancy assessments

Bovine Ultrasound Machines

  • BestScan® S6
  • BestScan® S8
  • PT50A Vet
  • FarmScan L60


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