VueSign™ Series

VueSigns™ Series

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vs15 plug-in monitor
  • Integrated Plug in Modular
  • 15” colorful and dear TFT display
  • Optional for different Modular
  • Meet the requirements for Critical care
  • Touch screen available, direct display, convenient operation
  • Integrated Plug in Modular
  • 12. 1" colorful and clear TFT display
  • Optional for different Modulars
  • Meet the requirement for Critical care
  • Touch screen available, Direct display convenient operation
  • Attractive and durable outer casing ergonomic and solid handle design
  • Omni-directional visible design
  • 3 levels of audible, visual and audio alarm.dual alarm light for physiological and technical alarm
  • 17'' TFT display, touch screen available able to operate by keyboard or optional mouse
  • Durable trim knob
  • Mini-host transport monitor and plug-in modular design
Central Monitoring System

Central Monitoring System

  • Wired and wireless networking available
  • Connect up to 64 bedside monitors
  • Sound and light Level 3 alarming and alarming voice can be adjusted
  • Double screen display to patient case and bedside monitoring information respectively
  • Multiple kinds of dispaly format setting. Can be select required monitoring waveform type and vitalsign data to different bed


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