VueSign™ Series

VueSigns™ Series

Patient Monitor

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vs12 plug-in monitor
  • Designed as a modular monitor, VueSigns™ VS12 with 12 inches HD resolution display dedicates to provide comprehensive healthcare solutions especially for critical divisions.
  • The VS15 is a Modular Patient Monitor, with a 15″ screen display and more than 3 hours battery backup. It has an extensive storage capability of Full Disclosure, Charts, Trends and Event Strips
  • VS17 patient monitor is with 17" monitor and its modular structure. Measurement modules can be connected with a monitor by one of available connectors and can be easily transferred between monitors. It enables monitoring and supervision of vital signs of patients at ICUs, operating rooms and at pre- and post- operative wards
Central Monitoring System

Central Monitoring System

  • Wired and wireless networking available
  • Connect up to 64 bedside monitors
  • Sound and light Level 3 alarming and alarming voice can be adjusted
  • Double screen display to patient case and bedside monitoring information respectively
  • Multiple kinds of dispaly format setting. Can be select required monitoring waveform type and vitalsign data to different bed


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