Why service?


BMV Technology's Brand mark is a trusted brand worldwide .We are passionate about ensuring that our customers obtain the best from our products. Wherever you are, you can rely on receiving the best customer service.


  • The warranty covers defects in the manufacturing of the goods.
  • The warranty does not cover accidental damage of the goods while in storage or use.
  • BMV will ensure only authentic/original BMV brand parts are used when servicing equipment.
  • Failure to use authentic/original BMV parts on or within equipment by customer invalidates warranty.
  • All BMV ultrasound scanners and accessories are delivered, serviced and maintained by our authorized service center or head office. Staffed by our experienced service personnel ensuring dedicated customer focus and quick turnaround at all times.


Manufacturer of specialty medical devices across medical and veterinary fields since 2008.


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4/F, BMV of Yinjin Building, Block 71,Baoan Centre District, Shenzhen 518010, China

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