Why service?


BMV MEDTECH GEOUP's Brand mark is a trusted brand worldwide .We are passionate about ensuring that our customers obtain the best from our products. Wherever you are, you can rely on receiving the best customer service.


  • The warranty covers defects in the manufacturing of the goods.
  • The warranty does not cover accidental damage of the goods while in storage or use.
  • BMV will ensure only authentic/original BMV brand parts are used when servicing equipment.
  • Failure to use authentic/original BMV parts on or within equipment by customer invalidates warranty.
  • All BMV ultrasound scanners and accessories are delivered, serviced and maintained by our authorized service center or head office. Staffed by our experienced service personnel ensuring dedicated customer focus and quick turnaround at all times.
  • BMV Loyalty Program

    As BMV releases new or enhanced products, we are committed to providing a path for our loyal customers to upgrade to the latest technology. As a BMV customer, you know that BMV ultrasound and patient
  • Closer Service Better Healthcare

    What Challenges are you Facing? We provide comprehensive solutions to fulfill your business goals Total cost of ownership Cost from all aspects of purchased devices are taken into
  • Maintenance Systems

    • Wipe display gently with a lint free cloth. Cleaning cloth and cleaners for glasses/sunglasses work well. Care should be taken not to scratch the screen.
    • Store in a dry environment.  Corrosion
  • Customer Satisfaction

    Input from you helps us improve our products and services. As part of our customer satisfaction program, we contact a sample of our customers a few months after they receive their orders. If you

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