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BPU60 Vet

Portable veterinary color Doppler ultrasound with superior image performance and diverse perfect for pets animal applications!

BPU60 Vet is a portable veterinary color Doppler ultrasound with superior image performance and diverse applications. Based on the advanced imaging technology and ergonomic design, it’s equipped with superior image quality, comprehensive functions, high cost effectiveness and mobility, which make it applicable to scans of different animals, for example farm animals, pets, etc. With this machine, we are capable to provide very comprehensive imaging system solutions.


  • Advanced imaging technology and superior image quality can provide fast and precise scans.
  • Applicable to scans of Equine, Bovine, Ovine, Swine, Feline, Canine, etc.
  • Applicable to different diagnosis of Abdomen, Obstetrics, Cardiology, small parts, vascular, tendon, etc.
  • Comprehensive probe options can meet different clinic demands.
  • Powerful measurement software can provide comprehensive diagnostic bases.
  • Smart design and mobility make it easy to carry.
  • Built-in battery can support long-time outdoor diagnosis.
  • Efficient workflow can provide easy and comfortable operation experience


Advanced imaging platform
High-performance image processing chips can provide more powerful algorithm
Large storage capacity can provide more patient data base
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Unique imaging technology, superior image quality
High Precision dynamic focus imaging
Speckle noise reduction technology
New image enhancement technology
Pulse-inverted tissue harmonic imaging
Multi-beam parallel processing technology

Comprehensive Clinical Application Solutions
Automatic trace on PW frequency map
Real time dual-display 2D images and color flow images
Measurement packages of all parts meet with clinical needs of different applications
Double transducer port is designed to meet the different clinical applications
Large capacity removable built-in battery supports long time outdoor operation

Supper Data Management System
Built-in workstation helps quickly searching patient data and reviewing cines, which facilitates the doctor’s operation
The supported DICOM 3.0 can communicate with PACS system of the hospital seamlessly

Ergonomic Appearance Design
15 LCD medical-used high resolution screen display brings winder visual angle and clearer image.
Control panel is backlighted, waterproof and antisepticised.
Two USB ports are at the side of the system, which is more convenient for use.

PT BPU transducer for vet


*Actual battery life may vary depending on application usage, settings, features or tasks selected, network configuration, operating temperature and many other factors.
*Availability: Offers, prices, specifications and availability may change without notice. BMV is not responsible for photographic or typographic errors. Other models are available. Find out more in BMV Authorized Distributor.

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