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SonoMaxx® MX300

Handheld visuallzation tool for primary healthcare, provide physicians with imaging capabilities at the point-of-care!

SonoMaxx® MX300 enables midwives limited ultrasound training to quickly learn to operate and to effectively diagnose high risk obstetrical conditions such as multiple gestations, breech presentation, and placenta previa. The indigenous midwives can use it to diagnose potential complications and subsequently refer women with high risk conditions to appropriate medical facilities for delivery.



  • Superior image quality
  • 7 inches high resolution, anti-glare touch-screen
  • Built-in 4+ hour battery
  • Cine loop 512 frames
  • Peripheral Ports: USB, TV-OUT 
  • Scanning depth up to 300mm
  • Multi-Beam Imaging
  • formation technology
  • Light Weight Design to reduce neck/hand strain
  • Save over 3000 Images 
  • Image export via USB/SD supported


SonoMaxx® 300 Touch’s powerful ultrasound technology can be used in many clinical, hospital or practice settings and can easily be taken from room to room. This may prove invaluable for physicians in today’s busy practice environment including not only primary care physicians but also those specializing in critical care and women’s health, as well as hospitalists.


Ultra-large Capacity Batteries(replaceable)
9+ hours(2 Batteries).


Multi-language customized

Support English, French, Spanish ,Russian, Portuguese
and more….



Download: SonoMaxx 300 Handheld Visuallzation Tool for Ponit of care Imaging BMV Brochure

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