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VueSign™ monitors by BMV MEDICAL and pulse oximeters. VueSign™ technology offers integrated point-of-care monitoring of ECG, heart rate, respiratory rate, and connectivity to other devices and hospital systems. oximetry ensures the child’s blood oxygenation remains within the proper range.

Monitoring newborns and infants is a delicate task, but it’s one that is absolutely vital to a baby’s well-being in the first few minutes of life and, in some instances, beyond. Studies have shown that neonatal and pediatric monitoring not only saves infant lives, but can serve as a preventive strategy for some adult diseases that, unchecked, can develop early in life. 

Safe Sensor Temperature Management

The digital Sensors always stay in touch with your patient while safely measuring, supervising and controlling its temperature at the application site. The BMV Digital Monitoring System allows a safe “plug and play” measurement with safety temperature management features: institution-restrictable sensor temperature, site inspection requests and – if missed – automatic sensor temperature reduction.


VueSigns® N12

Plug-in Modular Patient Monitor

VueSigns® N5

Spot Check Monitor

VueSigns® N2

Handheld Pulse Oximeter

NOTE: Not all products are available for sale in all countries. Please contact your BMV Healthcare representative or Regional Office for more information.

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