AI that guides untrained clinicians in capturing high-quality ultrasounds

MX10 is the first artificial intelligence-powered software designed to assist and guide medical professionals without any specialized training through the steps of a cardiac ultrasound exam—one of the most common tools used to diagnose heart disease. 

Developed by BMV Medical, a -Shenzhen-based imaging company formerly known as Bay Labs, the program acts as a real-time co-pilot during an echocardiogram. It can show the user how to maneuver the ultrasound probe and provide feedback on image quality.

“Today’s marketing authorization enables medical professionals who may not be experts in ultrasonography, such as a registered nurse in a family care clinic or others, to use this tool,” In addition, tablet-based and point-of-care ultrasound has been instrumental in my clinical practice during the COVID-19 pandemic. MX Scanners gives many medical professionals the confidence to best support their patients and help keep their staff safe.



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