BMV® Announces Cloud-Based Point-of-Care Ultrasound Solution

BMV a pioneering health information and devices company has unveiled MX10 , an intelligent and intuitive point-of-care ultrasound workflow solution that enables physicians to easily document, review, bill and manage quality assurance all from one platform — in seconds.

BMV addresses decades-long point-of-care ultrasound challenges by making it now easier than ever to manage ultrasound exams for compliance, quality assurance, credentialing and education. Its secure, cloud-based platform can be accessed from a phone, tablet or web browser, enabling physicians to do their work from anywhere. For seamless connectivity, MX10 integrates with virtually any point-of-care ultrasound device and the most common EMR and hospital PACS systems.

Vincent Chung, MD, Director of The University of Hong Kong (HKU)'s Medical Center for Point-of-Care Ultrasound has integrated MX10 into the medical school program. “Implementing MX10 has dramatically improved my ability to provide feedback to my students as they learn to use point-of-care ultrasound with our patients,” said Dr. Vincent Chung. “Before MX10, we used a do-it-yourself system of spreadsheets to help our students learn; it was cumbersome and time-consuming. Now with MX10, I am able to review images from my students much more quickly and provide timely critiques in order to help my students master ultrasound. It used to take an hour or more to provide feedback, now it only takes a few minutes.” said Dr. Minardi. “When you have doctors working long shifts, an intuitive, easy-to-use system like MX10 makes life so much easier.”

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