BMV launches Wireless IP67 Veterinary Ultrasound S9 in Eurotier

BMV participated in Eurotier 2018 — the largest animal husbandry professional exhibition in Europe — with its star products from November 13th to 16th, in Hanover, German.

This year, the new innovations on display drew a lot of attention and inquiries from visitors from Europe and other parts of the world.

App-based IP67 wireless bovine ultrasound S9 was the first product that caught visitors' eyes.

BestScan® S9 is Android app-based WIFI ultrasound system with the exciting breakthrough in bovine and equine technology, which brings BMV quality imaging to compatible Android device.

It is a wireless, App-based scanner. Make quicker on-farm critical decisions with high-quality ultrasound imaging in the palm of your hand. Just open the S9 Android app, search and connect WIFI, and you're set. In addition, use calipers to measure the embryo size

With intuitive design, ease of operation, incredible image quality, and a simplified intuitive workflow, the S9 provides diagnostic confidence for focused applications of bovine, equine pregnancy management on the field examinations, ensuring better productivity on the farm and improvement in animal health.

With its IP67 strong shell, we’ve built robust S9 to withstand dirty farm environment and other unpredictable environments, also we have a range of viewing options such as Android IP67 phone/pad and goggles, and optional accessories such as wireless charger, IFR introducer, chest mount, wrist mount, and so on.

Sure there are also other products in the exhibition attracted people so much, including MX5, BestScan® S6 Touch, BestScan® S3 Wireless and PT50C.

By playing an active part in EuroTier 2018 as well as other major international trade fairs and events, BMV demonstrates its mission to share its latest medical technologies with the world. And we’re always trying to strive for better development.




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