BMV Medical's New Product S10 Won the German Red Dot Best Design Award

      Recently, BMV Medical's new product S10 won the World's most authoritative industrial design award Red Design Award (Red Dot Award) Best of the Best (Best Design Award). As an "Oscar" in the design industry, the Red Dot Award has always been regarded as the vane of global product design development. This award is not only an affirmation and praise for BMV Medical products, but also means BMV Medical's innovative design concepts and convenience 'S products have been highly recognized on the international stage.


      The Red Dot Award was founded by the German Design Association and has a history of more than 60 years. The award adheres to the concept of "promoting the harmony of the environment and mankind" and has become one of the internationally recognized awards in the field of creativity and design. Award and the American IDEA Award are also called "the world's three major design awards."Among them, "Best of the Best" is the top award in Red Dot Design. Only the best design in each group can win this honor. BMV Medical is honored to be one of the award-winning brands this year.

      The award-winning S10 is the industry's first large-scale pasture infinite color Doppler ultrasound system created by BMV Medical. With the support of artificial intelligence technology, S10 is not only a deep integration of cutting-edge technology and application scenarios of BMV Medical. The latest exploration is also a product innovation centered on user needs. S10 is equipped with wireless transmission technology and user-friendly wearable usage, and increases waterproof and stable performance, so as to meet a wide range of clinical diagnosis, rugged use and use with the world’s leading diagnostic equipment. Carrying safety and operability are required, and the appearance and performance of the product have been deeply optimized to ensure clear imaging of the S10 in multiple environments. The technological innovation of S10 has also improved the relevant industry experience of the enterprise, and comprehensively improved the comprehensive capabilities of the enterprise, which will help the enterprise to continuously advance toward the goal of digital and intelligent medical treatment.


      The significance of the award goes far beyond these honors and trophies. It is also an affirmation of BMV Medical’s products with both design capabilities and use effects. BMV Medical, as a medical equipment manufacturer and service provider integrating R&D, production and sales, While insisting on providing the most high-quality clinical diagnosis solutions, it also integrates the pursuit of details and innovation into the company's design concepts to empower global pet telemedicine and biological reproduction imaging. BMV Medical firmly believes that "good products are designed, and good companies are designed" this long version of the integration concept, not only focusing on product development and design, but also grasping the development status of the industry and the potential needs of customers to touch on the essential thinking Ways to guide the innovation and development of the company’s products.

      S10 won the German Red Dot Award and once again demonstrated BMV Medical's attitude towards product innovation and development and excellence. In the future, BMV Medical will continue to forge ahead and advance with reputation, constantly break through the limits of thinking and technology, accelerate technology research and development, and continue to improve product design capabilities. It is hoped that through the adoption of convenient and effective design products, it will integrate innovation platforms with itself. With the support of the R&D team, we will continue to be a leader in the animal ultrasound industry and achieve a win-win situation with our partners.



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