BMV Pocket Ultrasound Solutions Against COVID-19

The newly-emerged epidemic of pneumonia caused by a new type of coronavirus (COVID-19) has become the biggest concern in China and the very focus of public attention around the world

P and MX Series ——Affordable and Fast
Fever clinic / Emergency / Quarantine ward / ICU

1. Ultrasound can improve the rate of successful rescues significantly
2. Ultrasound can reduce the opportunity of cross-infection effectively
3. Ultrasound can effectively reduce the working intensity of physician
4. Ultrasound can improve the diagnosis and treatment level of critical care in departments/hospitals directly
5. Ultrasound can provide social benefits for patients and reputation for hospitals

Point of care ultrasound (POCUS) such as pocket MX scanners has seen an increase in use over the past several decades, especially in intensive care units (ICUs) and emergency departments. Use of the modality at the bedside to examine the heart, lungs, obtain vascular access, and perform small drainage procedures has allowed for cost-effective management. Currently used most prevalently in the ICUs and emergency departments to rapidly recognize and diagnose patients before initiating treatment plans. In addition to the diagnostic capabilities, the use of Pocket ultrasound such as MX7 to help reduce complications and costs associated with guided procedures has increased and become standard of care over the past decades*.

Lung ultrasound Transducer selection:

Phased array or curvilinear • Low frequency • Deeper penetration

Linear • Higher frequency / higher resolution • Best for examining the pleura

When scanning: • Use a “Lung” preset • Follow a scanning protocol • Label and save images • Transducer marker towards the patients head • Transducer should be perpendicular to the ribs/pleura • Images should include two adjacent ribs





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