BMV Premium MX10 Ultrasound System

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Innovations Shine at the 2020 CMEF Shanghai

BMV has officially released its new premium MX10 wireless pocket color Doppler ultrasound system recently. The system will be showcased for the first time at CMEF 2020 in Shanghai, China, from Oct. 19-22. Release in the global market is scheduled for early 2021.

MX10 is powered by the revolutionary BMV Sonography Technology, which transforms ultrasound metrics from the conventional signal processing technique of beamforming to channel data-based processing.

The iBM+ platform Features:

  • High performance, AI intelligence, High speed, Stability
  • Fast Connection and Conversion Supports connectivity to multiple smart devices such as PAD, Mobile phone, laptop (Android, IOS, Windows) via WI-FI in 10 S within fast connection;
  • Tablets and TVs can be connected at the same time, Supports USB-DICOM, Wireless printers, HDMI.
  • Supports 8 languages: Chinese-English-Arabic-German-Spanish-French-Italian-Russian
  • Power to go, wireless charging, battery built-in integration 5 hours working time

MX10 ultrasound system elevates clinical intelligence to a new level with smart acquisition and calculation, it allows fully automatic and accurate detection of the most significant planes and frequently used measurements of the system. This tool can improve diagnostic throughput as well as reduce user dependency.

"Designed for clinical professionals, MX10 opens up a new trend in pocket ultrasound, providing a smart and intuitive user experience beyond your expectations," said Dr. Luo, General Manager of the Medical Imaging System Business Unit. 

BMV Premium MX10 Ultrasound System




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