Coordinated Efforts Ensure Timely Supply And Delivery Help You Care For Covid-19 Patients

In order to fully cooperate with the control and prevention of COVID-19 across other regions, all BMV subsidiaries in China immediately established emergency teams, involving production, customer service, technical support, and clinical training. All people are standing by 24/7 in case of an urgent request for our service and ensure that all devices in use are functioning properly.

Coordinated Efforts Ensure Timely Supply And Delivery Help You Care For Covid-19 Patients.


Things we do for cleaner devices

Health care-associated infection (HAI) is one of the biggest clinical challenges that can cause life-threatening complications to patients, particularly those in acute care or critical care settings. A survey conducted in 183 US hospitals with 11,282 patients reveals that 542 of them (4.8%) had one or more HAI [1]. And the annual costs for HAIs alone in the US can reach up to 28-45 billion USD [1].


Device-associated infections, such as central-catheter–associated bloodstream infections and ventilator-associated pneumonia, have traditionally been the focus of programs to prevent HAIs, as it was reported to account for 25.6% of HAIs [1]. Another study shows that 74% of all immediate-threat-to-life declarations were related to improperly sterilized or high-level disinfected equipment in 2016 [2].

Disinfection of medical equipment plays a critical part in achieving a high level of clinical safety and could have evident influence over the outcomes of patient care. Caregivers have a strict procedure to follow while cleaning the devices they use every day, and these devices are required to be reliable, easy to clean, and of high disinfectant tolerance.



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