Meet Our New Line of MX9 Handheld Ultrasound Scanners

Today we are celebrating another first at BMV: we’re excited to be the first to introduce a third-generation product line of ten high-performance handheld wireless ultrasound scanners for all medical specialists. Now 30% lighter and smaller, BMV MX9 scanners are available today in China with revolutionary pricing and new features that will put premium handheld ultrasound into the hands of more clinicians.

The new BMV MX7 and MX9 is now so remarkably small that it’s no bigger than my iPhone,” says BMV CEO DR Luo. “Our world-class R&D team has miniaturized the high-performance of traditional, cart-based ultrasound systems into a new form factor that truly feels like a traditional ultrasound probe. By replacing complex knobs and buttons with artificial intelligence (AI), it automatically optimizes imaging for ease of use.”

The potential benefits of a handheld advanced imaging system are undeniable. With further technologic developments, the gap in functionality between handheld and cart-based systems will continue to decline.

Though there are obstacles surrounding HHU device operation and image management, many of these can be overcome through administrative hospital support and the fiscal advantages these devices provide. Medical education continues to be a driving force for HHU innovation and adoption. Training a new generation of physicians in anatomy and diagnostics using these platforms will foster familiarity and comfort that is likely to continue into regular practice.

As we look toward the future of ultrasound, the growing body of research to improve and validate the use of handheld ultrasound devices will be key to improving patient outcomes and expanding its use to novel settings. Implementation of machine learning and tele-ultrasound applications is likely to alter the POCUS landscape, and physicians should continue to study and embrace these technologies for the improvement of patient care.

A new version of the BMV Ultrasound application is also being released to the App Store or Google Play store with new AI and imaging tools that further advance image quality, as well as new advanced clinical software packages and features that enable clinicians to personalize their imaging experience. The new MX Ultrasound App is now available for download to all new and existing BMV users.



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