Patient Feels Safer with MX Ultrasound-Guided Facial Fillers

 As the popularity of dermal filler treatment has increased exponentially worldwide, so has the awareness that complications can arise. While the risk of complications is very low, the consequences of some of these complications can be very serious. Fortunately, most complications can be managed successfully if the diagnosis and correct treatment is instituted early and properly. The use of diagnostic ultrasound has greatly facilitated the early diagnosis and prevention of dermal filler complications. Its use was first pioneered by Dr Lee  and Dr Jansen from Hongkong. They were very generous in sharing their knowledge and experience with us.

"I felt that the use of BMV MX ultrasound helped him pinpoint the areas more specifically…and then, to verify that the fillers have been placed in the area that he wanted"

Ultrasound allows the direct visualisation of the underlying anatomy and in particular the location of arteries.

In our practice we use diagnostic ultrasound in the following ways:

  1. We perform routine pre-treatment ultrasound assessment before we perform dermal filler treatment to determine your facial anatomy.
  2. To identify the location and extent of past dermal filler treatment in the management of dermal filler related complications.
  3. We can perform ultrasound guided injections of either dermal filler or dissolving medicine should the need arise.



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