Seminar on BMV new technology for ultrasound intervention

The conference invited well-known experts and scholars from the domestic ultrasound industry. Participants of the experts through the "ultrasound intervention in the new progress", "ultrasound-guided puncture technology in the application of hepatobiliary surgery", "precise navigation ultrasound intervention technology" and other topics, introduced the ultrasound technology of the cutting-edge dynamic and clinical application cases.

In the interactive session, the participants were particularly interested in the prototype of the show, many participants in the PT series to understand the experience of the Pad Touch (PT) series guide the new technology, and hope to further understand the technology and related equipment, The atmosphere was warm. Subsequently, the organizers and related experts and the participants cordial exchanges, patiently answered their questions.


With the rapid development of medical-related technology, ultrasound technology and equipment are constantly upgrading, ultrasound-guided minimally invasive interventional treatment technology has been widely recognized by the medical profession, began to be applied in clinical medicine.

BMV for the hospital to provide ultrasound diagnostic system technology applications, services and support. Among them, PT series of ultrasound interventional therapy in the latest technology, has important clinical significance, has been recognized by many hospitals.



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