Ultrasound in the diagnosis of new coronavirus

Ultrasound plays a huge role in the diagnosis of new coronavirus

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For the treatment of patients with new coronavirus pneumonia, Chinese doctors have made some small innovations in the standard treatment scheme and achieved good results in clinical practice.

Ultrasound can detect changes in the lungs in real time, without radiation, and can be repeated. Many patients need to keep abreast of changes in their condition, and it is almost impossible to have a CT test every day. Therefore, doctors use the ultrasound system as an auxiliary detection method, which effectively reduces the risk of worsening the condition of critically ill patients and the risk of external infections.

At present, Chinese doctors have found treatment options for many patients. Most of the new coronavirus pneumonia starts from the periphery, which is also an advantage of ultrasound examination. Many patients can see a large number of B-lines through the ultrasound system, especially some fusions, which can clearly show the pathological changes. 



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