Ultrasound seminar in Shanxi organized by BMV and Provincial People's Hospital

November 8, 2016, by the Shanxi Provincial People's Hospital and BMV jointly organized the "Shanxi ultrasound Symposium" held in Taiyuan grand, a total of more than 100 experts and scholars participated in the event, the scene of academic atmosphere, Representatives on the portable ultrasound diagnostic equipment related topics in-depth study exchange.

Concept of innovation, regulate POC anesthesia treatment model

Liu Yu'e, director of the intervention department of Shanxi Provincial People's Hospital, said in the opening speech: "With the development of tumor diagnosis and treatment technology, some of the patients with less physical damage, mild side effects of minimally invasive intervention in the clinical treatment process to play more and more In particular, the surgical treatment, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, minimally invasive intervention and other means of organic combination to the patient as the center, in order to improve the quality of life, in order to improve the quality of life, For each patient situation comprehensive treatment is the future development trend of cancer diagnosis and treatment. "

Academic exchange, to promote the development of tumor disciplines
The opening ceremony of the end of the Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Integrative Medicine Professor Zhang Qizhu, Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine First Affiliated Hospital Professor Yu Jianchun, Guangdong Province, Zhongshan City, Bo love Professor Shi Weijian, Guangdong Province, Gaoyao City People's Hospital Professor Liang Zhuo Lin and Shanxi Provincial People's Hospital Director of Liu Yu'e, respectively, made a special academic report, starting from their own clinical experience, sharing the "minimally invasive treatment of malignant tumors," "CIK cells in the treatment of malignant tumor clinical application: CIK cell culture thinking," "deep hyperthermia in the tumor Rehabilitation therapy in the clinical application "and" tumor center construction process ", the subject is extensive and profound, the content is wonderful and detailed.
It is worth mentioning that Professor Liang Zhuo-lin as "the construction of the tumor center process," the title of the report when talking about Gaoyao City People's Hospital of tumor from scratch, from a single means to a variety of means to cooperate with, from unknown to Zhaoqing local brand influential focus of the subject, a huge change caused by the participants of the participants of the strong interest, we have on how to build a hospital on the tumor discipline Professor Liang "learn from", after the meeting some delegates to plan to high City People's Hospital visit the Cancer Center, learn advanced experience.
The success of the meeting so that all participants on the tumor minimally invasive treatment has a more in-depth understanding of the province of cancer medical and health care in Shanxi Province has played a very good guide and promote the role.



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