BMO-210 Multi-Parameter Patient Monitor

Vital signs patient monitor

BMO-210B Multi-Parameter Patient Monitor

The BMO-210 12.1-inch multi-parameter patient monitor can perfectly display vital signs, features highly integrated technology and stability in service reliability in operation and simplicity in maintenance. Suitable for adults, pediatrics and newborns, suitable for bedside and transfer. Sockets are plug and play, making it easier to upgrade ICU applications.

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  • 12.1'' color TFT LCD screen with multi-channel wave forms display
  • Have patented technology of blood pressure measurement
  • Anti-defibrillation, anti electric knife, ECG digital filtering
  • Super ECG anti-jamming capability
  • English and other 14 languages Operating System
  • Above 8000 Blood pressure storage and playback
  • Above 680 hour trend graph subsisting and playback
  • 200 set alarm event storage and playback
  • 12 hour wave line storage and playback
  • Built-in high-capacity rechargeable battery, with both AC and DC
  • Can be connected to a central monitoring system, supports wired and wireless, system software support network upgrade
  • Having a drug concentration calculations, breathing oxygen picture, ST segment analysis, large character interface, ECG full lead showed, abnormal heart rate analysis
  • Detection parameters: ECG / heart rate, noninvasive blood pressure / pulse rate, oxygen saturation, respiration, pulse, temperature

BMO 210 monitor 2

BMO 210 monitor 3

Data Storage

  • 400 groups NIBP measurements
  • 72 hours Trend data and Trend graphs
  • 200 groups Alarm events reviewing
  • 12 hours Wave forms reviewing
  • Supporting for Arrhythmia analysis and drug dose calculation


  • 3 level Audible and visual alarming,
  • Dual alarm light for physiological and technical alarming
  • Max 8 wave form display simul taneously,
  • Max 6 leads ECG waveforms display


Standard: 3/5-Lead ECG, Sp02, N IBP, RESP, 2-Temp, PR, EtC02.

Optional: Touchscreen, Thermal Re corder

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